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Braces: Individual Patient (IP) Appliance

Today, the knowledge and advances in Orthodontics are truly amazing. We are able to correct most dental and skeletal problems with bite, alignment, and badly positioned teeth. We are able to do this faster, with fewer appointments, and better results! Our doctors use the latest technology in braces – the computer customized Individual Patient (IP) appliance.

The best part: we can provide all orthodontic treatment, along with all your other dental needs, at our office. There is no need to make multiple trips to different dental offices now, which will save you time and money.

Free Consultation

Each patient is given an Orthodontic Consultation free of charge. Should you decide to proceed, using x-rays, computerized imaging, dental impressions, photographs and clinical evaluation, our doctors can present you a personalized treatment plan for straightening your teeth.  The orthodontic appliances used will apply gentle pressure to align and straighten teeth. Treatment duration varies depending on age of patient, compliance and how severe the condition is. As always, patient cooperation is a key factor in making their orthodontic treatment successful.

What types of issues can we correct?

Crowded teeth
Gapped teeth
Misaligned teeth
Problems with the bite, including crossbite, open bite, underbite, and overbite

Appliances we use to help straighten teeth

Our doctors may also opt to use certain appliances in accordance with, or prior to orthodontic treatment. They include, but are not limited to: Head gear (worn while sleeping), Thumb/Finger appliance (for thumb suckers), Tongue Thrusting appliance, Palatal expanders (to make space in the upper jaw) and orthodontic splints.    


The benefits of braces are more than straight teeth. Straight teeth are less prone to cavities and gum disease. They provide proper jaw function and bite. Most importantly, they always inspire increased self-confidence, which will show through in your daily interactions with others. Be prepared to do a lot of smiling!

So if you are looking to get braces in Miami, call us today to schedule your appointment!